jueves, 25 de enero de 2018

International Workers Association (IWA): Clarification and Condemnation

Clarification and Condemnation

The IWA would like to make a clarification in relation to some claims made on social media. The CNT-AIT is our Section in Spain. The headquarters of its Secretariat is currently located in Granada. The CNT-AIT is comprised of unions in various regions, and a regional federation in Levante. Thus, the CNT-AIT Regional Confederation in Levante is part of the CNT-AIT.

We condemn the attacks against unions of the CNT-AIT made by the CNT and, in particular, we condemn the lawsuit brought against one of the CNT-AIT unions, which brings a large financial claim against the union, including for writing critical texts. Such punitive actions are now typical of that organization in dealing with criticism, as is the use of the state to achieve their goals.

The values of anarchosyndicalism are different. The CNT which currently has its seat in Bilbao did not want to be in the anarchosyndicalist international, the IWA (AIT), but those who comprise the CNT-AIT do and they wish to continue the legacy of that organization, whereas the CNT has clearly chosen a different course.

Currently there are numerous organizations called CNT throughout Spain and France. We inform people that the CNT-AIT is the denomination of two of our Sections and that the CNT-AIT of France has been our Section continuously for 70 years. Although France has at least five or six CNTs, the most recent the result of splits in this decade, we do not see them in court suing each other. To do so would be a disgrace.

We also inform that the AIT is not suing organizations such as FORA of Argentina, which withdrew from our federation, but in its publications uses the AIT name in such a misleading way. We don't believe that using such methods correspond to our ethics and we condemn those who chose to lead us down this path. 

International Workers Association (IWA) Secretariat.
23 January 2018